Seeking example rclone backup scripts

Are there some example rclone backup scripts for a home computer?
The script should include code for checking error conditions and responding appropriately to them.
Or does rclone to that automatically?

I found several that where in the process of trouble shooting, but would like to see a script that has been tested and proven.

I plan to backup my Linux Documents to Backblaze b2.

Thank you.


I use script to backup my home PC to local and remote storages, and it really works well.
Find more information here:

A few rclone_jobber features:

  • Options to archive old backup files in their original hierarchy
  • Abort if job is already running (maybe previous run didn’t finish)
  • Pop-up for error conditions
  • Option for a cron-monitoring service Logging
  • Rclone backup script tutorial
  • Free (open source Creative Commons Zero license)
  • Uses rclone