Seedbucket script like (or any)

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I’d like to know if there is any script (php or other) which is working like seedbucket?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Does this have anything to do with rclone? Not sure the question.

Seedbucket is uploading any file to cloud, including upload soeed and statusbar.

I’d like to know if there is any web browser interface with rclone integrated to make our life easier.

There is rclone browser. It’s a separate project. I’m not sure if it’s active though.

Except that I need a desktop, and I’m looking to do this from a web browser :slight_smile:

There’s other file management options out there. But then you’d need something to host it like a vps. has a nice 3rd party plug-in.

Rclone itself doesn’t spin up an http server for browser based management.

It does have webdav though so any webdav compatible client or interface should work for file management.

None of these actually help manage rclone iitself

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