Security in transit

Very new to rclone (but super enjoying what it can do so far), so apologies in advance if this is an obvious question.

Does rclone use any encryption for data in transit, both the initial credentials to connect to the relevant cloud storage provider, and then the data that is actually being synced?

Further background: I am very happily backing up family photos to backblaze b2. I don’t feel the need to encrypt those at rest while on backblaze servers (they’re just photos, and I prefer to have ready access should I need them without decrypting). But curious to find out if info is secured in transit, and what security applies to initial credentials for the cloud storage.

The transport channel is, really, at the discretion of the endpoint. But, pretty much, all of them use https as their transport.

Backblaze, for example, uses as the endpoint, so all communication is TLS encrypted.

As sweh said all the comms with b2 is with TLS and encrypted including fetching the token.

The token is stored unencrypted in the rclone config file on your local disk - rclone config file will show you where. You can encrypt the rclone config file if you want though.

Superb, thanks! I figured as much but only ended up fumbling around trying to find and answer.

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