Secure rclone mount on vps?

So if i have lot of files on remote provided cloud storage,
crypted with rclone
and now i have also vps from digital ocean or any other company vps on which i have installed owncloud to share those files with me…
so i have owncloud and mounted local storage like for example /local
and this /local is :
rclone mount remotecrypted: /local
Ok, everything works fine, but this company which hosts my vps container has access to this uncrypted /local mount point?
if yes, how to prevent them?
Is it possible to mount rclone fuse in php space only in user browser js or anything client based?

What i would like to know is how to use rclone + crypted remote storage like amazon cd or hubic or google drive, to have as simple as webdav file interface, but with client side encryption on windows linux ios and android.

I don’t think such a thing exists at the moment. The only client is the rclone client.

However I know some people have been considering such a project. With the announcement of the goqt library recently it would be possible with a bit of work.

Does anybody have news about this issue?
This was also a problem I was thinking of when using a VPS.