Seafile 8 support

Hello guys,

anyone having some insights about the support of current seafile versions (8 and newer) in rclone? The Seafile documentation states the following:

Seafile versions 6.x and 7.x are all supported.


It has been actively tested using the seafile docker image of these versions:

  • 6.3.4 community edition
  • 7.0.5 community edition
  • 7.1.3 community edition

I'm wondering if newer versions are currently untested/unsupported or if the documentation is just outdated in this regard.

Not sure! I expect it will work but we should update the docs at minimum.

Please open a new issue on Github about this - thanks.

Done: [Doc] Update Seafile version support · Issue #5837 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

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Yes it works with version 8, we need to update the documentation.

It hasn't been tested with version 9 yet though

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