Scope of rclone move

hey, just a quick question.

does rclone move “snapshot” the current state of the source and only move those files that exist at the start of execution?
or does it continually scan for new writes to the source during its execution?

for instance, if i start rclone with the min-age filter of 5 minutes at 11:00, does it only take into account files that existed at 10:55 and before and ignore everything after, even if the move process runs for hours?

what if some files that existed at 10:55 change before the rclone move process is finished?

The current rclone sync method will snapshot each directory, however it will process directories throughout the sync so they won’t all get snapshotted at the same time.

If all the files you are moving are in one directory, then it will only take into account files that existed at 10:55. If you have multiple subdirs then it is more complicated!

rclone may upload them properly, or it may declare the files to be corrupted if the size changes while being uploaded.