Scheduled backup using rclone with a gui interface

Is there a tool that can use rclone for scheduled backup's with some sort of gui interface to view tasks and logs etc?
I was hoping to create systemd timers for various rclone sync jobs to backup my media and other OS data.
I was really hoping for a gui that I could check each morning for logs of the systemd services as well as the rclone logs to ensure something didnt go wrong. Without having to script it to email them to me.

Also i was wondering if there is any examples out there for rclone synch via systemd
rclone v1.53.1

this is what I have for a systemd service

Description=Backup Photos and Books to gdriveXX
ExecStart=/usr/bin/rclone sync
--log-file /var/log/rclone/rclone-gdriveXX_sync.log
--filter-from /opt/rclone/XX_filter
/media/ gdriveXX:


It does the job as far as the rclone sync is concerned but systemd shows errrors

-- Unit rclone-sync-gdriveXX-media.service has begun starting up.
Oct 15 22:54:07 XX.XX.XXrclone[311199]: 2020/10/15 22:54:07 ERROR : error reading available plugins: Error creating : /home/sXX/.cache/rclone/webgui/plugins/config
Oct 15 22:55:09 XX.XX.XXsystemd[1]: rclone-sync-gdriveXX-media.service: Failed with result 'protocol'.
Oct 15 22:55:09 XX.XX.XX systemd[1]: Failed to start Backup Photos and Books to gdriveXX.
-- Subject: Unit rclone-sync-gdriveXX-media.service has failed

I think the "plugins: Error creating" is a bug? is there a workaround or expected fix date?
but not sure what "Failed with result 'protocol'." is

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