Scaleway so SLOW. NET.. what is in similar price but faster?

I have scaleway as gateway for crypt acd and gdrive rclone, nextcloud.
But recently speed to my home devices, from scaleways, even from internal ssd,
not even from rclone mounted fs, went so slow sometimes it is my full speed, but today and yesterday it is only 100KB/S.

too slow.
what can be better in similar prices?

i am from europe

Weird, I’m having full speed right now (uploading mostly at the moment but down seems fine)

Edit: similar prices you can check OVH vps, setup take ages though compared to scaleway (like an hour at least to get your server running)

Scaleway Paris or Amsterdam?

I have no issues with Amsterdam, NL

Forgot to mention : I’m on Paris and it’s working fine

i am too on paris.
Ok i tested it more deeply.
I have nginx for webdav and apache2-for nextcloud.
And both those services gives me very slow download, when i am trying to download something from my local pc, local isp.
But iperf3 from my local pc to scaleway iperf3 -s gives me very good rates.
So probably i have to reinstall vps, my ubuntu is maybe broken in some way on some networking layer?
Or maybe someone can point me to it - why iperf3 gives me very good results but nginx and apache2 with or without ssl gives me very very bad?

No, it was definitely scaleway fault.
For tests i have created another server on amsterdam with pure ubuntu and apache2, tried to dl file to my pc and it was the same.
But today everything is ok...on both servers.

it was probably due to:

without any changes from my site:
yesterday transfer = 100KB/S
today - my full max speed, about 2MB/S

on 2 different ISPs, results completeluy the same,
even 3 cause i created another vps in aruba cloud and tried to dl from scaleweay to aruba.
the same.

but today: everything fine.