Sanity check - is my setup OK?

I’ve been reading these forums lately and I think my current rclone configuration is good, but I’d love some input if there’s anything that can be changed/tweaked.

First, a little bit about my use case. My mount points are as follows:

  • /mnt/local (Local storage for torrents, temp files etc.)
  • /mnt/gd_encrypted (Google Drive encrypted remote)
  • /mnt/gd_cached (Cache of Google Drive encrypted remote)
  • /mnt/gd_decrypted (Decryption of /mnt/gd_cached)
  • /mnt/union (UnionFS filesystem of /mnt/local=RW:/mnt/gd_decrypted=RO)

Sonarr/Radarr sorts completed downloads into /mnt/union (corresponding to /mnt/local), I then have a script that regularly moves files from /mnt/local to /mnt/gd_decrypted.

Plex reads from /mnt/union.

Here are my rclone mount parameters for all 3 GD remotes:
rclone mount --buffer-size 1G --vfs-read-chunk-size 128M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off gd_encrypted: /mnt/gd_encrypted

rclone mount --buffer-size 0 --cache-chunk-size=10M --cache-workers=16 --cache-chunk-total-size=50G --cache-info-age=168h --cache-chunk-path=/mnt/local/.temp/rclone-cache-chunks/ --cache-tmp-upload-path=/mnt/local/.temp/rclone-cache-upload/ gd_cached: /mnt/gd_cached

rclone mount --buffer-size 0 gd_decrypted: /mnt/gd_decrypted

And here is my rclone.conf:

type = drive
client_id = xxx
client_secret = xxx
token = xxx

type = cache
remote = gd_encrypted:
plex_url =
plex_username = xxx
plex_password = xxx
chunk_size =
info_age =
chunk_total_size =
plex_token = xxx

type = crypt
remote = /mnt/gd_cached/e
filename_encryption = standard
password = xxx
password2 = xxx

Does all of this look alright? Or are some of my parameters unneccesary/not optimal?

Now that I think about it - do I even need to mount /mnt/gd_encrypted? Seeing as gd_cached: points to the gd_encrypted: remote, not the path? In that case, should I move the vfs parameters to the /mnt/gd-cached mountpoint? Do I even need the vfs options? Also, what should my buffer-size be in this case?

I’m not sure why you have 3 mounts.

You really only need 1 mount if that’s your goal.

If you want to use the cache backend, just mount your decrypted entry and that should point to the cached remote in your rclone.conf.

I’m not sure either, to be honest. I think I just saw a how-to a long time ago that suggested I do it like that, or maybe I misunderstood some instructions at some point.

Anyway, I am now using only one mount as you suggested, the decrypted entry is mounted and points to the cached remote which again points to the encrypted remote. Seems to be working as it should.

Here is my current mount command:
rclone mount --buffer-size 0 --vfs-read-chunk-size 128M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off --cache-chunk-size=10M --cache-workers=16 --cache-chunk-total-size=50G --cache-info-age=168h --cache-chunk-path=/mnt/local/.temp/rclone-cache-chunks/ --cache-tmp-upload-path=/mnt/local/.temp/rclone-cache-upload/ gd_decrypted: /mnt/gd_decrypted

Is there anything about this that should be changed?

If you are using the cache backend, you can remove the vfs-read stuff as that isn’t used.

If you are GD, 16 cache workers is quite high. Having more cache workers is generally not a good thing as it spawns too many and it’s a lot of overhead. I’d try the defaults and see how that works for you.

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