Same files uploaded to Google Drive then moved to Trash over and over

I have a script running a sync every night to keep a copy of my music library updated on my Google Drive, but since the release of rclone that switched to using the Google Drive trash for deleted files by default I’ve noticed that every day the same files are getting re-uploaded then immediately deleted.

I compared the files and they match hash-wise so I don’t know why they upload again, and it’s always exactly the same handful of directories that are uploaded repeatedly. Let me know what logs I can provide that will help figure this out.

try adding -vv and --dump-auth --dump-bodies to command to figure out why is being copied.

This is the signature of a bug I’ve fixed.

First get the latest beta and run rclone dedupe on your drive. Then all should be well :slight_smile:

Thanks @ncw, I’ll just wait for the next release. I’m installing it through Homebrew so it’s easier to update that way.