S3 vs Google Drive for docker mount

I want mount my docker nextcloud volume on rclone mount. I want to use the most economical method.
I have following remotes:-

  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  3. Amazon S3

But each of them has some issues :-

  1. Google Drive - Allows only 2 requests per sec which makes overall nextcloud slow
  2. Dropbox - Really slow speed
  3. S3 - Heavy cost for requests

If I were to choose one of them which will be the best and what command/config to use? Any suggestions to other services is welcomed. I have 200 GB of data with lot of images.

hello and welcome to the forum,

  1. wasabi, s3 clone.
    --- no charge for api requests
    --- huge number of api requests per second. in all my testing and based of forum posts, nothing is quicker.
    --- no charge for downloads within certain limits
    --- can be much less expensive than amazon.
    --- can easily saturate 1Gbps internet connection.
    --- only possible downside, is a minimum retention period of 90 or 30 days.

I just tested wasabi. It is good. I mean really good. I have only 250 GB of data and there is no plan lower than 1TB which is still cheaper but I have already bought TB of google drive for 1 month. If I can't make google drive work I will move to wasabi.

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