S3 to G Suite Migration

Hello friends, thanks in advance for the help.

I need to migrate ~2TB from a single S3 bucket to G Suite Drive. Before I dive into this I want to make sure I understand the way rclone works.

If I run rclone on my Mac and connect the two cloud services, does rclone download the files from S3 to my local machine, and then upload those files to G Suite? I have a gigabit connection, but I want to understand how rclone is working before I jump into the deep end.

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You can just setup 2 remotes and run rclone copy. It'll use your own bandwidth.

GD has a 750GB per day upload limit atm so you can use --bwlimit 8.5M to let it just run.

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Ah, so it's using your bandwidth but not your storage. Thanks.

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