Run sync command with --dry-run options from remote

Hello. and thanks for all for making this wonderful tool.

is there any way that I could run --dry-run from remote ??

I make rclone server on the host and call functions from the remote using http requests.
and I was wondering if I could run the dry-run command before starting copying files.

I need to know how many files and total amount of size to be transferred before sync operation.


You should be able to set the --dry-run flag via the rc, something like this

rclone rc options/set --json '{"main": {"DryRun": true}}'

OK. I will try it.
so whenever I want to check the operation before start.

I need to enable the dryrun option and run the command to check how many files need to be copied.
and again disable the dryrun option and start real data copy.

To summarize, I need to run 3 additional commands( enable dryrun, run sync , disable dryrun ) to check what will happen before starting sync directories.

Thank you.

Yes, that is where we are today. It would be nice to supply a dry-run flag to commands, but the dry-run flag is a global within rclone, hence the current behaviour.

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