Rsync style logging option

I use Rsync a lot to remotely sync a set of my files to another server on my network. What I like about the logging on it is that it will show me just what has changed.

It would be nice (if its possible) if Rclone could mimic that in the same way for files have that only changed (say like when you use Rclone sync option which matches rsync mainly).

I have about 80k files and over 4.4TB synced to Amazon Cloud Drive, if I use the -v option, the log file is almost 2M and thousands of lines. Not easily email-able and easily looked at via email or even at the log file level to see what changed only. With Rsync I have the logfile emailed to me and it usually just contains the changes from the last time it ran like what file was added, deleted, etc and then the rollup stats of that at the bottom.


I’m going to fix this as part of

Probably what I’ll do is make -v just show transfers, deletions, renames which is the info that you really want.

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Thanks Nick. That will be good once that’s in. I agree on your last comment on that issue list that moving it back to the rsync roots. But agree the transfers option would be good to see that way we only see say the 5-10 files or so in an example that got copied and/or deleted.