Root access required for full functionality?

This seems like a really useful tool, and I am trying to install in on my university’s compute cluster to deal with some big data I’m working with. Because of this I don’t have root access or sudo powers and couldn’t go through with the installation of manpage. Is there a work-around for those without root access? Like a “pip install --user” approach?


The first three steps on the guide for installing from precompiled binary on is all you need:

curl -O
cd rclone-*-linux-amd64

You can do all of this without root access. The rest of the steps is for moving rclone to a place the system recognizes it as a command and installing the manpage. To move rclone to an environment path without root access use:

cp rclone ~/sbin/

This moves rclone to a enviroment path just for your user instead of the system, which is good because you’re on a public system. Finally, you don’t really need the manpage just use rclone --help or

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Ah, cool! My issue was that I assumed manpage was required, without finding out what it does.