Rights and privileges

I'm trying to figure out how to copy files between two linux machines.

Basically i made a user "rclone-user" on the server that I want to backup thru ssh (as I don't allow root login via ssh). But, that of cause inherit som priviliges issues where certain dirs and files are not accessible for the "rclone-user" (rclone-user has been added to sudoers group).

ex.: "-rw------- 1 root root 1381 Mar 12 19:16 ssh_host_dsa_key"
can only be copied/backed up if rclone-user becomes root.

Is there any clever way to make rclone execute as sudo with the ssh/sftp module? Here I am thinking a bit like in Ansible terms with the become: root flag.

Hmm, well you could chmod u+s (setuid) the rclone binary which would cause it to run as root. This isn't good security practice but it might bet you out of a hole.

Thanks @ncw it actually seems like a good solution, I guess that the right would only be enforced in the host machine (backup server it self). But, it is non of the less a great solution for that case.

The alternative I consider would be making a tarball on the remote server of the mounts that needs backup. And then fetch that file with the backup server (hosting rclone) once a day or so.

The only "aber der bei" is that I made a script a couple of years back that only sync changes to be backed up: https://github.com/rune1979/rclone-script-templates
to minimized size and the abillity to recover single files. But, i guess a compressed tar would do fine too as i also made a full backup script.

Thanks for the best backup solution.

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