Revisiting copy/sync/--backup-dir with box

  • os/version: Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter 1809 (64 bit)
  • os/kernel: 10.0.17763.973 (x86_64)
  • os/type: windows
  • os/arch: amd64
  • go/version: go1.19.4
  • go/linking: static
  • go/tags: cmount

Hello all - for the first time in some years I'm working with rclone + - looking at some old posts and my testing

it seems that rclone copy will take advantage of versioning as expected, to keep things in "sync" the idea is to do a full copy, than a sync with --backup-dir to move deleted items with a folder with say a date name.

my question is, is there is a good methodology for replicating the original folder heigharchy of a file moved via sync.& backup dir - would I have to do a rclone check to find what's deleted and sort of mass replicate the path found ?


this SEEMS to work as expected, just wanted to make sure this makes sense:

rclone copy "X:/FOLDER" "REMOTE:/FOLDER"

rclone check "X:/FOLDER" "REMOTE:/FOLDER" --missing-on-src missing.txt

rclone move "REMOTE:/FOLDER" --files-from missing.txt remote:/archive-dir"


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