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Hello. Is it possible to continue download(copy/sync) a single file if the rclone command restarted?

E.g., When I am downloading a 100gb file and restart the rclone command at 50%, then I want it to start the download again at 50%.

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No, rclone doesn't resume downloads. You can retry x times if your connection gets interrupted briefly.

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Thanks. Hope to see this feature being implemented in the future.

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I don't think it's gonna ever possible because that will need binary diff like rsync which is not possible with clouds.

No I think it will be possible... maybe not directly, but via the VFS-layer's cache.

The basic idea would be to cache in chunks instead of whole files - not to dissimilar to the cache-backend, but without having to request them in chunks (efficiency).

So you would start downloading for example 1GB, and the VFS woud stream that into chunks for the cache at for example 50MB each (or whatever you specified). Then if the connection is lost and you start again, the VFS can tally up how many chunks it has - compare this with the size of the cloud file - and know how much of the file it has. Then just request the rest - effectively only needing to download the remainder since the last whole chunk you had cached.

Of course, you would need to enable read-caching to make this possible - which may not be what you want for all use-cases - but for most people I think read-caching would be quite beneficial since re-accessing the same data several times in a short time is a pretty common thing that happens. This would be another step towards making the old cache-bankend redundant.

And obviously - if you use the cache-backend right now then this will already do this. It's just has a lot of issues and integrating it's features into the VFS will be a big benefit in many ways.

I think Nick has some big plans for a lot of improvements to the VFS cache and we've had some discussions in this. I will try to pitch this idea to him (if I didn't already, not sure hehe).

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