Resume a closed rclone copy

Hi all,

I am wondering, is it possible to resume a rclone copy session that was terminated / closed ?

I'm running a copy while I write this message and did use --check-first in order to check all the files upfront transfer.

4 million files.... it took me literally 48+ hours to achieve the check.

Now I'd like to increase the transfers=4 to transfers=16, can I do this ?

Is there a way to tell rclone to use some previous checks list or something ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

hi, that is not possible, as that is not how rclone works.
for each run of rclone, it has to check all the files

yay, I was wondering if, as I ran the previous check using -vv, it might have logged things and I could use this as a starting point.

Well, whatever. :slight_smile:

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