Restore sync command

I've recently run the rclone copy command, unfortunately had a electricity shortage during the process, when electricity was restored I started the process again or at least that was my thought but later I realized that the new command was sync instead of copy, and that inverted destination and source. As a result my server is now showing a gap in files and some of them are missed.

During second execution I also started copying a different folder in a second command line, now I'm waiting this last process to finish (4 hours) in order to try to count the real impact of this failure, so cannot run 'rclone version' to not continue touching nothing.

Of course as a bad joke, backup is not a posibility in this case. Do you have any advise on this chaos?

I'm using Google Drive and a SFTP server


You do not provide any details (exact command run, what OS etc.) so difficult to be specific with any answer. But unless you have some form of local snapshots (ZFS, BTRFS) then most likely some data is gone.

I think you know the answer here. If your data is important always have backups.

Thanks for reply, the sequence of actions was:

  1. rclone copy source:/ destination:/
  2. electricity shortage
  3. rclone sync destination:/ source:/
  4. in a second CMD screen: rclone sync source:/forder1 destination:/folder1
  5. **MD5 error in rclone sync's window execution
  6. **timeout in rclone copy's windows execution
  7. files related to rclone sync missed in original source

This line probably created irreversible havoc in the source... by deleting anything not present in destination..
Depends for how long it was running.

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