Restore from rclone cache

With all the clouds dissipating recently I Have been thinking, for us that run vfs cache it would be nice if there was a rclone command like

rclone export remote: /path where rclone would export all the files it has 100% of the content to it, and maybe files with sparse content could be exported too but with suffix and if you had other caches in other servers, if it would be possible for another rclone cache to rebuild the sparse files if they have what is missing.

This would turn the rclone vfs cache as last resort backup if everything goes wrong. If this is really hard to do then maybe a flag --no-sparse-files that would make rclone always download the entire file to disk, but without performance loss

You can have it today but setting:

--vfs-read-chunk-size SizeSuffix        Read the source objects in chunks (default 128M)

to something beyond the largest file you can have, e.g. 1P.

As for the rclone export remote: I think it is unnecessary complication and better to spend dev time on more useful things.

If you have important data you should have backups anyway. Ideally following 3-2-1 rule.

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