Restore from aws glacier is painful

I've been using rclone to aws s3 with transition to glacier enabled. All was well until I needed to actually recover my files. I did not find any way to restore from glacier without manually picking each object to be restored. This was done using aws s3 gui. I don't know if there is any simple cli method. It seems you cannot just restore a top-level directory and have it recursively applied, as you might expect.

Anyone know a simpler way?



that should be possible, based on the docs.
"rclone backend restore s3:bucket/path/to/directory"

what command did you run, can you post that with a debug log?

rclone backend restore will not work on objects in glacier storage. You need to restore from glacier first. My issue is I don't see any good way to restore from glacier. This is not an rclone issue, it's an aws issue.
I tried using the S3 gui to do restore. If I pick the top level bucket, the option to initiate restore is grayed out. If anyone knows a cli way to recursively restore all objects I'd love to know it.

Thanks again,

do you mean a glacier vault?

That is exactly what it is for, to restore objects from GLACIER storage to normal storage.

Oh, I didn't know about rclone backend restore! Next time I'll have to try it.

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