Request - Official Docker Container

Is there any chance we could have an official rclone docker container?

I’ve been playing with and but I would love to see something that is official and maintained with the latest version of rclone.

Many thanks

I would think a docker is a bit overkill for one executable.

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Sure, but it would be a lot easier to manage, update and load onto systems like freenas, that’s all.

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Agreed… but… here’s the use case:
We all agree that UnionFS / MergerFS has to be implemented in order to get a good user write, so there’s that.

Then we all know that we need to use some scripts to upload / download at a certain file size or age, so there’s that too.

We know Docker doesn’t play well with sharing files the from the container to the host, so then we need a share of some sort, be it FTP or CIFS or NFS, so there’s that as well.

Then, potentially, there could be an additional file system caching layer like Libsqlfs to squash the Google Drive scanning issues.

If we were to put all of this into a single docker, I could see it getting some significant use.

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I haven’t got time to do this, but if anyone would like to send pull requests I’d be receptive!


I’m the developer of the rclone docker. I see someone managed to properly expose the rclone FUSE mounts to the host OS. So I might give mine container another go when he releases the source code for his docker :slight_smile:

@jtenniswood By the way my container already uses the latest version of rclone. You can see it in the Dockerfile:

Hi @thomast, I’ve got a new Synology and installed your rclone dockerfile onto it. How to I start the initial rclone config?


docker exec -it Rclone rclone --config="/config/.rclone.conf" config

Given that “Rclone” is the name of the container

thanks @thomast ! I also found that with my Synology under your rclone Docker I can start a terminal with a command (“Launch with Command”)

Any suggestions as to how I can have Synology run a script I have that runs rclone docker?

Edit: Would this work?
"docker exec -it Rclone rclone sync acd:_plex/tv/ /Plex/_plex/tv/


I’m not familiar with Synology, but the above will probably not work. The docker I made is supposed to be running in cron within the container, so it will expect some environment variables to be set. You can see the environment variables and volumes it expects to be passed on Github.

So what I would do is pass the correct environment variables, and let the docker container handle the scheduling for you. In this case Synology should be running the docker all the time.

I looked into getting started with building a docker, but can’t seem to find the right starting place. Does anyone know of any good tutorials for building a new docker? I’m going to be looking to do an arch-based install. I use unraid for a host if that makes any difference.

@xyber411 I already made two for rclone, one for copy/sync feature, and the other for FUSE mount feature.


I’ve just wanted to share yet another docker image for rclone I’ve built during the last couple of days.
In my case I needed to:

  1. schedule sync with a cron, but also
  2. limit the time windows the sync should be running. And
  3. integrate to monitor if the sync is able to succeed.

Although there is some feature overlap with @thomast 's docker image, someone else might find it useful

Maybe you docker image creators could create a page on the wiki “Docker Images” and list them there?

FYI I drop the image listed here at

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Have to say, I can’t really see the point of this. Rclone is the easiest thing in the world to install (I run it on my Synology NAS and it’s about 4 commands to update - which I have scripted). Seems like the hassle of configuring a docker image and setting up the external mounts would be more effort than just, erm, running rclone directly?!

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hi Thomast

i am trying to pull and use your Rclone-Mount image but it will not allow me any help would be appreciated

docker pull tynor88/rclone-mount
Using default tag: latest
Error response from daemon: manifest for tynor88/rclone-mount:latest not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Sorry to revive a old dormant topic. I hope it is still relevant.

Here is a use case where RClone in a container make sense.

I'm currently evaluation different options to replicate S3 Block storage to different datacenter, in-Cloud and in-Premise.
In-Cloud, we use AWS S3 and in-premise we use MinIO.

Our environment is running on Kubernetes / OpenShift. Our MinIO are running inside container on Kubernetes. To stay aligned with Kubernetes and OpenShift deployment philosophy, RClone would require to be in its own container as well.

In this setup, RClone would be an always running container who will ensure MinIO and AWS S3 are always in sync. (Either in real time if that feature could exist eventually, or via periodic sync).

This use case has the potential to bring RClone to a next level to sync S3 block storage between multiple datacenter or Kubernetes Clusters.

Now, I'm not sure if RClone is the right tools for the job. I'm receptive to your feedback and alternatives.

Best regards,

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