Request hoster to Add 1TB Free Google drive alternative

Can this be Supported? it look like Google Drive..

Am not sure if it possible to support it or not..


  • 1TB free Storage :white_check_mark:

  • Fast Uploads and Download Speed :white_check_mark:

  • Probably Google drive Alternative


  • Their using .tk domain.. Mainly it 1 year free Domain.. but it can be paid.. So am not sure if it a long time project or not

Their is no Strong cons as I quickly check


  • Their using the same UI as Gdrive..

  • Same Url Structure like Gdrive..


API Documentation

  • //drive. akimbo. tk/api-docs

Sample Video Hosted

  • //drive. akimbo. tk/drive/s/CNAGn9g7lTK3Kf8k6Kp3PH8DIcRDj5


  • Can this be used as alternative to Google drive? since it have 1TB Free Storage?


hello and welcometo the forum, not working.

Hi.. I checked.. I see it works only if you logged in

You can create account with fake email to check.. they don't need email verification

the home page is nothing but an image of batman, no help links, no api link, no support, no pricing info.
if they were serious, they would publish their api for all to see.

1TiB free, fast uploads/downloads for free, no verification of new users?
imho, looks like a scam.

Yes and the use of .tk domain am not sure if it a long time project they shouldn't use that free .tk domain

And sorry guys for letting this here if it not legit