[REQUEST FEAT] Drive name


It would be very useful if we can add some flag to give a name of the mounted unit (Windows).

For example: rclone mount google: X: --name=“GoogleDrive”

and the windows broser shows the unit as GoogleDrive instead the only letter X:

Maybe it’s possible?


Seems possible just needs rclone to pass it over to winfsp.

Likely this will just work then with -o volname=WHATEVER

Thanks for the help, I’m trying with the lastest beta and seems that it doesn’t works :frowning:

I’m pretty sure that is the correct syntax. Make sure you are using the latest WinFSP and if that still doesn’t work, start the mount with -vv --debug-fuse and hopefully there will be something helpful in the logs!

On OSX rclone uses this flag to set the volume name to be the remote:path of the mount. Would that be useful under windows?

I’d say that’s a useful default.

Did anyone make it work with the new WinFSP?