Replicating Cryptomator behaviour

The cryptomator app on Android is very unstable for me. I want to get cryptomator-like behaviour in RClone.

Basically - I will use OneDrive for file syncing and encrypt a local remote (let's call it 1crypt) using RClone.
Eg: C:\Users\Me\OneDrive should be an RClone crypt target. So rclone will save encrypted files in C:\Users\Me\OneDrive.

I will mount 1crypt and use it as my primary folder (reading + writing).
Which mount options should I use for optimal usage? Cryptomator saves files to RAM, for example.

I'll also be using RoundSync on android to access OneDrive data. If I use the same password to create a new crypt remote, will I be able to read the data?


Below should provide the best experience

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode=full --vfs-refresh  --vfs-cache-max-size 100GiB

Thank you, vfs caching was the secret sauce I was missing

(PS: Realized you're the author of RClone Browser - your tool got me into using rclone - thank you for that too haha)

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Thank you:)
Unfortunately Browser dev stalled - many personal reasons. It needs some revamp to stay relevant. I wish I could come back to it.

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