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it is possible to prevent the “Copied (replaced existing)”. i believe that dropbox allows the file to be duplicated and that it is stored multiple times under the same name. if i then download the file under rclone i partly have a different checksum than if i download it via http directly from dropbox. I can’t replicate this every time it’s kind of random.

my option
-c, --checksum Skip based on checksum & size, not mod-time & size

When rclone does the “replaced existing” it should be creating a new version of the file I think.

Are you uploading from multiple places at once?

no i only have one source and one target. the dedupe function only works with google drive or?
is there a possibility to suppress the dupefiles in general so that he doesn’t try to upload them in the first place? i thought the -c switch was for that anyway. but if the file has a different crc value, it can’t block it.

the curious thing is that the files should always be identical on the source. so i have no idea why another crc value occurs during the second upload of the same file.

I’m under the impression that you can’t have duplicated files with dropbox. The dedupe function only works with google drive and mega which can have duplicated files.

Are you saying that you see two files with the identical name on dropbox?

i just tested it via firefox upload on the dropbox website.

i uploaded a file called vnc.exe and after a short time about 30 seconds later, a new upload of one and the same file vnc.exe, dropbox replaces the first one automatically with the second one without asking for a question. That’s really bad :frowning:

it is possible to check only the name instead of checksum,size,mod-time?

  • -c, --checksum                                     Skip based on checksum (if available) & size, not mod-time & size

Are you trying to ignore any file that exists already? If so --ignore-existing

yes! i will test it! thx (–ignore-existing test only the name?)

It will simply ignore files that already exist. yes. Always test first with --dry-run.

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