Renaming (error in terminal)

Found some weird error when i renamed a file from Someting S01E01 to Something S01e01 and then back to E01 ( change capital)

I renamed it on encfs unencrypted part of the drive


goroutine 2197315 [running]:*Server).serve.func2(0xf869c0, 0xc4395f8dc0, 0xc43a141ec8, 0xc43a141e1f)
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x1d9
panic(0xb05c20, 0xc420010080)
        /opt/go/go1.7/src/runtime/panic.go:458 +0x243*Object).Size(0xc43cbe6140, 0xc43cbe6140)
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x9*File).Attr(0xc432bf0d80, 0x7f72b93cc2a8, 0xc43ade8d40, 0xc43ff23ed8, 0x0, 0x0)
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x12b, 0xc43ade8d40, 0xf7f200, 0xc432bf0d80, 0xc43ff23ed8, 0xc43d5af260, 0x2e)
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x11a*Server).saveLookup(0xc42054c0c0, 0x7f72b93cc2a8, 0xc43ade8d40, 0xc43ff23ec0, 0xc439186ac0, 0xc43d5af260, 0x2e, 0xf7f200, 0xc432bf0d80, 0x400, ...)
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x63*Server).handleRequest(0xc42054c0c0, 0x7f72b93cc2a8, 0xc43ade8d40, 0xf7f180, 0xc424f169c0, 0xc439186ac0, 0xf869c0, 0xc4395f8dc0, 0xc43a141ec8, 0xc42fba9ca6, ...)
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x3d6f*Server).serve(0xc42054c0c0, 0xf869c0, 0xc4395f8dc0)
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x4a3*Server).Serve.func1(0xc42054c0c0, 0xf869c0, 0xc4395f8dc0)
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x6e
created by*Server).Serve
        /home/ncw/go/src/ +0x3e4
2016/12/09 07:33:40 fuse: panic in handler for Lookup [ID=0xc0c54 Node=0x6fb9 Uid=1000 Gid=1000 Pid=24355] "66oKFzTBd5BcJs9Xks9piEoX4esnZ,QaX15WVLbBIrcT81": runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

Verison rclone v1.34-39-g7be5724-fuse-buffer╬▓

I fixed that already I think.

Try the latest beta from here:

Note that I merged the fuse-buffer branch so it will have those features too.