Removing duplicated files from a new folder

Suppose you find a new folder with many files you believe are already in your main and organized folder structure. Maybe some folder from your “past life”, before you get everything organized. Or a folder from a friend who doesn’t like saving files in the right folder.

I use DelDupFiles ( to delete from this new folder everything I already have in my organized-folder. After this process, any file existing in this new folder is actually a new file.

I’ve found the dedup feature here, but it’s for a different purpose: removing duplicated files under a folder.

Is there a way to do something similar to what I do with DelDupFiles using rclone? If not, would you consider this a new feature to implement?

No, not at the moment.

It has certainly been requested before! Please make a new issue on github about it!

Hey Guys! Is somebody interested in implementing this?

There are a few issues created for this. This is one of them for example.