Remove empty src dirs with "moveto"

I'm using below command to move src to dest but I couldn't figure out delete the empty src dirs. I think --delete-empty-src-dirs flag is only for rclone move .

rclone moveto /root/backups/ remote:/backups (Google Drive)

  • under /root/backups/ there are subfolders and tar.gz files.

hello and welcome to the forum,

why not use rclone move?

because I need to move the folder structure

as per the docs "If the source is a directory then it acts exactly like the move command."

Already tried move command it moves the files only not dirs I think that's why there is moveto.

rclone moveto is for the renaming of a individual file.
otherwise, as per the docs, it behaves the same as rclone move

if src is directory
    move it to dst, overwriting existing files if they exist
    see move command for full details

if that is not true, do you have an example with a debug log?

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