Remote unencrypted generating encrypted versions

Well, I did several tests to be sure, before posting.

I have two remotes in Dropbox, one encrypted and the other not. They are targeted to different folders.

When I back up to the encrypted remote using --backup-dir, versioning works perfectly.

When I make a backup to the unencrypted remote using --backup-dir, the versions are generated encrypted!

The folder structure in the dropbox looks like this:

|----> encrypted_backup
    |----> some_folder1
    |----> some_folder2
    |----> versions
|----> unencrypted_backup
    |----> some_folder3
    |----> some_folder4
    |----> versions

My rclone.conf file looks like this:

type = dropbox
app_key = 
app_secret = 
token = {"access_token":"...

type = crypt
remote = Dropbox:encrypted_backup
filename_encryption = off
password = ...
password2 =...

And I’m using Rclone like this:

rclone sync  local_folder dropbox:unencrypted_backup\some_folder^ 
 --backup-dir Dropbox:unencrypted_backup/_versions/

My guess would be you accidentally put the encrypted dropbox in as the --backup-dir when syncing to the unencrypted dropbox.

Can you paste some log with -vv showing the problem please?

Okay, I did some more testing and I understood now: since I was putting a suffix at the end of the version file name, the dropbox was not recognizing the extension and was classifying it the same way as the encrypted ones by placing the symbol below.

My mistake, it’s not a bug.:expressionless: