Remote execute commands on a sftp remote

I have a rclone sftp remote server and it is mounted on my local computer. I was wondering if i count remote execute some command in the server from local computer say for example "apt update" without connecting into ssh separately.

the rclone serve sftp is a sftp server, not a ssh server, not a shell.

imho, good that rclone cannot do that.

I am not serving sftp with rclone, i am using rclone to mount a ssh remote. so rclone is mote like a client. I guess the server is using openssh to serve as it is linux/s native ssh server

it is just an example, j just need to do something with ffmpeg on the server, if i run it locally on the mount it will probably download the whole file, do the job and put the output back into the remote. it will use double the bandwidth of the file and does not seem very efficient. if there was any way to run the command remotely without again connecting via ssh, it would be a lot easier.
maybe my use case did not reflect what i wanted clearly. It would be more easier like this,,, is it possible to access ssh shell of a sftp remote directly & run some command? by directly i mean not again putting password and what not.

what i do, run rclone mount on the server that is running the sftp server.

i found out programs like rffmpeg and outrun, tho i may be able to use them for my purpose but they seemed more complex + i am using windows as host os it's a hassle for me to get them to work on windows. so i wrote a simple python script to basically run ffmpeg on my server via ssh.

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