Relative symbolic links to directories don't work under Windows


I’am using a backup tool (UrBackup) that creates realtive symbolic links to directories under Windows. I’m, trying to rclone such a backup to a remote host, but I get errors. I get those error too by just listing the backup dir.

To reproduce the error, execute following in a directory in an elevated command window (I’ve done this in the directory C:\temp\test). I’m using rclone v1.37-029-gda9926d5 with Windows 10 64-Bit.

mkdir link_target
mkdir to_backup
mklink /d to_backup\link ..\link_target
rclone ls to_backup -L -v

2017/07/29 12:41:11 INFO  : Local file system at \\?\C:\temp\test\to_backup: Modify window is 100ns
2017/07/29 12:41:11 ERROR : : error listing: GetFileAttributesEx ..\link_target: The system cannot find the file specified.
2017/07/29 12:41:11 Failed to ls: GetFileAttributesEx ..\link_target: The system cannot find the file specified.

If I use instead following command to create an absolute link, it works:

mklink /d to_backup\link c:\temp\test\link_target

But the backup tool creates apparently the links in the other way and I can’t change it.


Can you stick this in a new issue on github please and we’ll get it fixed.


I’ve created issue #1567.

Thanks for your great software!

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