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  • What is the problem ?
    When I copy/download a file from google drive to local disk D: using command :-

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full gdrive1:/ P:

When I stop the download the unfinished download is disappeared from the download folder, but when I again copy that file from google drive to that download folder the file resumes copy from the point copying was interrupted. I found out that the partial download file is saved in C:\Users\FDS\AppData\Local\rclone\vfs\gdrive1\GdriveXbot\ and its metadata is saved in C:\Users\FDS\AppData\Local\rclone\vfsMeta\gdrive1\GdriveXbot\ .

  • What I want
    I want to copy the file from google drive such that the partial download file is saved in the download file only and when stop copying & then later recopy it, i should resume from the point copying was interrupted. I don't want the partial file to be saved in C drive as the files I download are pretty much big also space in c drive should be left for OS to run smoothly unless it would be very unhealthy for the machine. I have already done it using Total Commander but rclone has much better speed as compared to it. I am damn sure rclone can do it. Pls help me

  • Operating system : Windows 7 Professional 2009 32bit

hello and welcome to the forum,

if i understand your post, in your testing, rclone supports resuming partial transfers.

i could be wrong but rclone does not support resuming partial transfers as documented at

resuming partial transfers is an open issue at

if the computer is running low on free disk space:
you might try not using --vfs-cache-mode thereby not using the cache
rclone copy instead of rclone mount, which does not use the cache

Thanks for your reply.
So, according to you currently there is no solution for this. Well, then, is there are any plan to implement the --partial flags stated in the GitHub issue which can solve my problem? You can also tell me some other ways other than rclone which can do this.

if you search the forum, you might find other posts such as

i do not use gdrive but i did a quick search of the internet and found this

Ok thanks for your info.Btw, if I rclone mount two different clouds & transfer data by simply drag and drop, will it use my internet ?

yes, your internet will be used.

again, i do not use gdrive but there is a possible workaround.
something i posted in the forum recently.

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