Can rclone resume Google Drive uploads?

I have large files. Can rclone and Google Drive resume uploads? Is it reliable? What is the max Google Drive file size?

I have limited (20mbps) network and I need to upload large video files. I use winrar to split the video files and kodi are able to play it. The reason I split the files is because acd_cli cannot complete upload the files and acd_cli seem to be unable to resume upload.

Now I migrated to Google Drive and mount using plexdrive. Unfortunately, with plexdrive, kodi cant seem to play split rar files anymore.


No, rclone (or any other app) cannot resume file transfers to GD because it cannot write from the middle of a file. The way that uploads to GD and most cloud providers work is that the whole file is uploaded and then rclone validates to make sure that the file is there before considering the transfer completed.

Maximum file size in GD is 5Tb.

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So what this means is I have to keep my external hard drive (the location of my 750gb file) connected to my macbook until the complete file copy is complete? I can’t eject the drive and pause the file copy and resume the next time I connect my external hard drive?

That is correct yes.

Drive does have a resume upload feature, but rclone doesn’t implement it yet.

Is there a plan to add a resume feature for Google Drive? Just curious so I can plan out a backup script I am writing.

There is an issue for this: - please add your support there :slight_smile: