Regarding GSoC 2020

Before uploading the final proposal on site I wanted a good to go review @ncw.
Also, Is there any separate thread or something for GSoC related discussions?

Do you want to post a link here?

I am kind of not comfortable in making the link public :sweat_smile: , it would be better if I could simply mail you or maybe send the proposal to you on slack.
Is there any separate thread other than this for discussion regarding GSoC? :face_with_monocle:

Also @ncw , I was having doubts regarding to the project -> rclone's webui extension

  1. It is proposed to make three demo plugins for dashboard demonstration. Two of them are Word Processor and Photo Editor. I wanted to ask if the third one can be a compliler plugin (for C, C++), like online IDE, or perhaps PDF editor or video editor??

hello ridhishjain,

i have a suggestion for the webui extension.

to have a dual pane interface, source and dest panes.
and keyboard shortcuts to copy, move, sync, etc...



Sure mail it to me

We should probably get @negative0 involved too :slight_smile:

@ncw and what about the third plugin I asked for?

@ncw I have mailed you my proposal, please review it.
Mail id ->

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Sorry for the late reply. That would be interesting. Can the browser handle the compilation and running of the code?

It's like making online IDE. It can be added but will be a difficult task. Also requires time ans a lot to study.

So I decided, I'll do it after GSoC. For now, the third plugin will be PDF editor.....
will that work or should I change it to something else?

Any plugin should do. PDF editor doesn't seem to be a huge use case. @ncw what do you think?

Most of the required functionality for a plugin will be covered using the two demos, like File Handling, Rendering graphics, and storing temporary data in cloud.

Some plugins might require to connect to a third party server. Can we demonstrate that that in the third demo?

The goal is to create the plugin handler as feature rich as possible.

In my opinion, a video editor or even a feature-rich video player will be very useful.

So we need to develop a different plugin for video editor or add the functionalities to the existing video player plugin?

Ideally, the existing video player should be converted to whatever architecture you are using, the video player is tightly coupled right now, we would like to have it more independent. :slight_smile:

So would that count under developing third plugin or I still need to look for some different plugin?

It's upto you. :slight_smile:

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