Reduce ram while transcoding

I’m debating upgrading my ram to 16g or figuring out how to reduce the ram usage without suffering any performance.

I’m using the transcoding settings below

Segmented transcoder timeout: 120
Transcoder temporary directory: /dev/shm
Transcoder default duration: 120
Transcoder default throttle buffer: 600

I realize I can change the temporary directory but would prefer to leave it buffering into the ram instead of SSD.

/dev/shm in is 1/2 of your total ram. If you only have 8gb of ram, that means you only have 4gb of space in /dev/shm.

I would suggest using your SSD as any modern SSD will not suffer from usage problems like the old ones did.

If you reduce throttle buffer it will use less space eg 300 will use half of what you use now.

I’ll try that thank you!

Do you think the rclone buffer size is ideal for 8gigs of ram?

–buffer-size 200M