Redesign rClone Web-GUI

Hello Everyone, I am a UXUI designer and I recently started working on to redesign the current Web-GUI with the help of @negative0. I'll be redesigning the interface with the current functionalities offered and will share the designs soon.


Fantastic news :slight_smile: I was hoping writing the GUI using standard web tools might attract a designer or two to make it look beautiful!

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Nice to hear that!

OOOooooh! Nice!!

I think the webUI has some fantastic potential (especially in making rclone truly user-friendly). It is already very useful as-is, but it's lacking a few simple things here and there both in design and functionality. I of course understand this is due to time limitations and not skill as the stuff that is already there is very good.

Do you guys have a good idea about what to focus working on, or would you like my input for suggestions? It wouldn't be too much trouble to make a little list of improvement suggestions for your consideration. I believe there is already a thread or two of webUI feedback that might be useful, but I haven't taken the time to add my thought to that yet.

I am currently focusing on redesigning with whatever the current GUI has to offer. @negative0 told me that it currently has the minimum functionality to offer... Please state anything you guys feel should be added or the improvement suggestions list as @thestigma mentioned. I'll currently work on the aesthetics of the platform and most importantly to make it more user friendly. It would be great if we could build an easy-to-use platform for users that are not tech-savvy. I am looking forward to use this very thread to ask any questions regarding the GUI.

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I didn't test so much but something that I would like is some drag and drop files to upload and download them.
Also the page should be more responsible to the display size. I have a 1280x1024 (quite old) monitor and the GUI doesn't fit nice.

drag&drop from the OS to upload would be amazing (probably not so easy to do it for downloads?).
But this sounds more like a hard function request than a design one.

From Nitin's description I think I will focus mostly on "simple" visual tweaks and layout stuff. I will make a short list a bit later after I am done running some tests.

I've seen drag & drop functionality requested many times and wonder if it's difficult to fully implement?

The current rclone browser fork supports D&D - and works flawlessly.

I strongly fear you guys are thinking of me "developing" the GUI. What I am proposing to do is revamping the current interface, that is providing the new designs... As tempting as it is to implement my designs, I feel sorry I don't have that time (for now, at least) so as of now, I wanted to design the GUI in a better way.

@Nitin_Singhal, Thank you for taking the time, If you could redesign the UI, either me or someone else will pick that up to be implemented.


I made something. I hope you guys like it. The prototype has hotspots hints to navigate to all the pages. The margins on the sides aren't in actual design but just appear in full-screen mode. You can press Esc to exit from the full-screen mode that allows you to comment.

Major Design Decisions made:-

  1. Changed the navigation from left to top-level as there were very few sections and top-level is the best preference for such dashboards.
  2. Backend section was a little unclear to me. Renamed it to stats (felt it basically showed some type of statistics) and thought that the different subsections in it should be categorized into different categories for better understanding of the user and making it easy to absorb so much content
  3. Introduced an info icon in every section. People not so tech-savvy can click on them to know what exactly the section does/ how to use it.

Made many minor design decisions and changes, I guess when someone will be developing it, that would be a great time to discuss those changes.

Prototype Link:

The page needs to be more responsible to the display resolution, decreasing the title and spaces.

Hi. Do you know if the redesign will include support for "authenticator"? The only way I can establish an auth token is to disable my 2FA. By design, if I renenable 2FA any previous tokens are removed/invalidated.

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