Recursive Copy to G-drive

Wondering if it’s possible to copy a whole tree with files. Using

rclone copy ~/parent remote:/

Results in some pretty odd behavior. Subdirectories of ~/parent show up in the root of google drive. Files might show up in root or in one of the parents.

Do I need to create the directory structure on each side then use copy only for files? Is there a limit on the number of recursive directories g-drive can handle?

Your command told it to take all of the content of parent (that is ~/parent/* and put it in the root directory of the remote. If you wanted to have a folder on the remote, then you should have used:

This will duplicate the ‘parent’ folder. Note that rclone will create the folder if needed.


It acts weird when you use remote:/ it seems.

It doesn’t. It just does what it says in the manual :stuck_out_tongue: