Recommended moveto settings for gdrive?


I tried to play around with those rclone commands from here:

The default settings from rclone give me 5 MB upload, but I would like to increase it for maximal speed. Every attempt to increase it gave me less in end.

I have 6 cores, 12 GB RAM and 500 Mbit.

Can someone share their experience for gdrive to increase upload?

These are my commands:

-c --fast-list -v

What can I do better? I do not care about the max. limit 750 GB per day. Just upload it asap.

This option can help with upload speed - try setting it much bigger, say 512M

  --drive-chunk-size int                Upload chunk size. Must a power of 2 >= 256k. (default 8M)

--fast-list won’t help you with drive unfortunately.

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Thank you very much. That --drive-chunk-size int did some real good magic.

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