Recommend configuration for http serve with google drive

Want to serve google drive, I have around 6000 files and mostly small sized between 0-10 mb. But few are 50+ MB
just used rclone serve http gdrive: --fast-list

While downloading from my android or other vps, response time is too bad, it's around 7-15 second. I want to decrease it as possible.

Please guide. Just a professional noob here.

Note: using my own client id. There's no issues in downloading and uploading rate.

Do you have the same response times without --fast-list?

--fast-list may be slower on some scenarios

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Wow, without --fast-list , response time decreased. Thankyou. Do you want to recommend anything else.

Now, in big files(30 MB+,) same response there with or without --fast-list.

Great, that is the best I can propose. I haven't tried serving from rclone yet, so let's hope other chimes in.

Have your tried the -vv option, so see what is taking the time?

Posting the output from the -vv option may be helpful to give you further advice (please make sure to remove any secrets before posting).

After using -vv
`2021/05/11 09:09:47 DEBUG : $REQUESTED_URI_HERE: >Open: fd=$REQUESTED_URI (r), err=
2021-05-11T09:09:47.059665+00:00 : 2021/05/11 09:09:47 DEBUG :$requested_uri : ChunkedReader.openRange at 0 length 134217728

Got same things after every requested url.
I think, rclone first keep buffer or chunk in memory or disk and then deliver. Maybe it makes response time lazy

Finally, i get better results after reducing chunk size.
--vfs-read-chunk-size SizeSuffix
--vfs-read-chunk-size-limit SizeSuffix

I just kept read chunk size and size limit to 2M and 128 M and it fine now.

All the stuff clearly written on documentation. What a great documentation. I just missed previously.

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