Really deleting files at B2

rclone v1.57.0

I have been using rclone for years to copy backups up to B2. In trying to manage how much is being stored at B2 I have a script that invokes RClone to delete files based on the file's age. (There's a step in this script to identify what files are to be deleted. So the actual delete command is simply: rclone delete rclone:bucket/directory/filename)

The issue is -- these files are not actually deleted, instead they're hidden and so still are using $torage.

Is there a way to really delete these files with RClone? I don't believe that "sync" is the answer, btw. My local retention rules are different from what I want kept at B2.


B2 (

I have read the documentation. Perhaps you could be a bit more helpful?

I linked the specific item that answered your question, did you click on it?


thank you. it wasn't obvious what the link meant.

No worries, I was asking so I can be more clear next time :slight_smile:

I'll include more verbiage next time.


You can use rclone cleanup to remove old versions too.

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