Rclone's Gdrive API limit exhausted

Hello all,

I just received a notification on binding my gdrive account together with the Rclone API, that the rate limit is exceeded and nickcw has to contact google to raise the limit.

403: rate_limit_exceeded

Another question to this: How is it possible that the API limit of nickcw API Key is exhausted, with all the google accounts beeing in read only mode right now and everyone turning their back to other services?

hi, you are using rclone default id/secret or you created your own?
hard to know, as no redacted config was posted?

can you post it?

can you provide some more details?

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no I dont use my own ID, but I probably have to now. I never had the probleme before, that I could not connect my google account with the project ID.

Error 403: rate_limit_exceeded

Request details: access_type=offline response_type=code redirect_uri= state=--XXXXXXX client_id=yxxxxx.apps.googleusercontent.com scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive

Use your own ID or just wait it out. That's really it.

Seems like it, thanks. Still a bit worrying, I thought the API calls of the project ID would drastically go down with the change to the "unlimited" space.

Do I understand it right, that I can't create my own ID with a normal google one membership, as I don't have access to the admin console?

The problem with the default rclone ID is you have the internet and on the internet you have a lot of people that ruin things for other people. Other projects steal the rclone ID and use it, thus breaking it for regular rclone users, which is why we have to recommend you create your own.

I don't know what a "Google One" membership is. I have a personal drive and I created my own key for testing so I don't see why not offhand.

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Ah yes, I mixed the client ID with the service account. It's right at the bottom here Google drive that's why I overlooked it.

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