Rclone's Access Token And Oauth Secret/SA file

So when I set up new drive, I should always provide my own oauth token for best results.

I am wondering this:

  1. If I give SA file only and not a Oauth client, does rclone still use my own keys for the transfers?

  2. Can I use both SA file and Oauth token when I set up my mounts?

  3. How does it differ when I give rclone only the Oauth secrets vs only SA file?


I think you are mixing a few concepts together.

oAuth is the authentication method used to get your token for access. You don't need to create a client ID/secret to authenticate.

Regardless if you use your own client ID/secret, you have to oAuth authenticate to get access to the drive API. The only difference is if you use your own client ID/secret, you use that when you make API hits. If. you use the default rclone client ID/secret (which is hard coded in by default if you pick nothing), you use the shared API.

If you make a service account, that uses it owns internal client ID/secret for the API.

If you use your own client ID/secret or service account, you can see those API hits in your admin console.

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Yes, I have observed that using an SA file omits the section where I need to click and allow permission.

Don't know if that is meant to be, but it is what I have seen.

So as long as I am using my own API that means I won't be dragged down by rclone's shared oauth api.

When you make a service account that is the permission so you don't need to do anything else. That's the whole point of a service account.

Very convenient indeed.

I just blew my 10TB limit, having some I/O errors, would be making a help post on that. Thank you so far for sharing your knowledge with me here!