Rclone'd directories on a Shared Drive aren't "seen" with the new Google Drive for Desktop. Anyone else experiencing this?

We are moving to Shared / Team Drives on Google drive. We have been using rclone to move materials over, so as to avoid some of the ownership problems with "My Drive."

However, as of the new Google Drive for Desktop rollout a few days ago, suddenly subdirectories that are visible on the web interface are not visible locally.

The only way to get the directories localized (and stream-able) is to manually click on every directory and subdirectory and then the magically appear locally.

I can post screen shots of this behavior, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this over the past few days.

We believe is may be happening only with materials moved over with rclone but can't be sure.

Without knowing any details of what you are running or the output, it's a tough guess.

There are changes rolling out to Google Drive which might be it but that depends on your admin:

More details:

Running the off the shelf Google Drive for Desktop on a Mac. All OS up to date. Running the most recent rclone.

I did find the security updates, and that could be the cause, I suppose. Just trying to see if anyone has experienced anything similar.