Rclone with Whatbox help

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

Apologise for the long post...

  1. I download a movie/series using sonarr which is sent to my rclone configured folder(series)...from there it is automatically uploaded to my gdrive too... So the file will only show utilising any space in my seedbox if i delete it from my gdrive?

  2. I'm asking this because sometimes 1-2 episode of a season is season is not available on sonarr and I have to download it from other sources (mega/other google drive) and manually move them at the location where the entire season already is so that they are visible on my plex .

  3. What I have done is, I have created folder in which all the mega.nz files are downloaded (namely - mega download) and the content moves to my Google drive and then I manually sort the folders and move the file to their respective season..In doing so what I think is happening is that my seedbox takes it as a deleted file and my seedbox is showing it as a utilised space....I don't want that to happen...what am I exactly doing wrong? please guide

  4. Both, my series forlder and the mega download folder have been configured with rclone

  5. Say if i moved the file from one rclone configured folder (mega download) to another(series) will it still show utilising the space in my seedbox??

  6. How to clear the space which my whatbox is showing utilised but i have just moved it from one rclone-configured-folder(mega download) to another rclone-configured-folder(series)?

  7. Does moving the file from it's original location defeat the purpose of rclone (i.e save the disk space for my whatbox)?

  8. So to save space I should not move/delete the file that has been transferred to any of the rclone folder? Because if I move/delete it, my whatbox will show it as disk space being utilised

  9. Is there a way such as to delete the files from my rclone configured folder from seedbox but the data on the Google drive does not get deleted?

  10. My rclone version is rclone v1.53.0-DEV
    Seedbox I'm using is Whatbox
    Cloud storage is Google Drive

PS- A complete noob here...

...hope you understand what i want to convey

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