RClone with Verizon Cloud?


I am not using rclone yet but am wondering if it will help me get the job done. I am trying to download a lot of photos and a few videos to move away from Verizon Cloud. Unfortunately, all their native options replace all folder and file dates with the download date. After talking with their help techs several times, I learned they do not have a solution that will work; I am hoping rclone can.

Can someone please tell me if rclone can do this with Verizon Cloud (and, if so, which of the listed services is closest so that I can follow the proper instructions)? I see that metadata can be preserved but Verizon is not a supported provider and, altho you state rclone works on many others that are "built on standard protocols such as WebDAV or S3", I can't find info the Verizon protocol, couldn't find it via a web search, and the Verizon folks refused to tell me what they use for "privacy concerns".

I am running Win 10, 64 bit.

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)

Verizon Cloud for this matter but also have Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox.

Thanks for any insights you might be able to provide.

Is this the right Verizon service?


Hi Nick --

I am not sure -- I never heard of it but from the info on the link you sent, it seems as if it might be the same site (vzCloud) but with special access for developers ([I don't have rClone permission to include links in my postings but this address is where it came from. ...thingspace.verizon.com/resources/documentation/vzcloud/Getting_Started/Terms_and_Conditions/ ? Also ...thingspace.verizon.com/resources/documentation/vzcloud/About_Personal_Cloud_Storage_APIs/ ]

The Copyright for that service also seems to have expired in 2017.

The link I use to access is ...cloud.verizonwireless.com/vzCloud/home/

A search for developer on the Verizon site didn't turn up anything pertinent and I also tried to follow the instructions for the Http link: (...thingspace.verizon.com/resources/documentation/vzcloud/API_Reference/Retrieve_Account_Information/) to retrieve account information but it says I need OAuth credentials.

'''{"fault":{"code":900902,"message":"Missing Credentials","description":"Required OAuth credentials not provided. Make sure your API invocation call has a header: "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN""}}'''


I'd say that provisonally that these are the same thing - they both use the vzCloud label in them.

From looking at the docs, it looks like a new backend would be needed to access it I think, unless they also have a WebDAV or FTP gateway.

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