rclone with one drive

Good morning.

i'm trying to learn the use of rclone and my doubts are
bureaucratic and non-technical.

should i use rclone together with onedrive. I succeeded, but the
upload speed is too slow. In another forum they have me
recommended to create tokens via the azure internet page.

I read the instructions and I also performed this step. there
question is the following: how do I configure rclone to use tokens
obtained? do I have to repeat the rclone config sequence or is there another one
way ?

Thank you

Yes. I think it is the best way - create onedrive remote again but this time providing client-id/secret in the process.

I created onedrive remote with my own client-id/secret provided, but the transfer speed is still too slow
Is there any solution for it?

Thank you

if you provide all details as per help and support template than somebody might be able to help you.

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