Rclone with Norwegian Telia Cloud


I am currently using rclone with Norwegian Telia Cloud (whitelabel Jottacloud). It is working very well so far.

However, I am now trying to use it with multiple machines, but I end up with "couldn't fetch token" messages. I guess this is because I cannot use the same personal login token on multiple machines.

When setting up the remote, I see that there are 3 options for authentication.

1: Standard authentication - use this if you're a normal Jottacloud user.
2: Legacy authentication - this is only required for certain whitelabel versions of Jottacloud and not recommended for normal users.
3: Telia Cloud authentication - use this if you are using Telia Cloud.

I am using 1 currently. It is obvious I should use number 3 to use machine specific API-keys, but it takes me to a Swedish login page for Telia Cloud. I am using the Norwegian version if Telia Cloud and I am therefore not a registered user there.

Would it be possible to make a fourth option for the Norwegian Telia Cloud as well?

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