Rclone with Komga cbr comic reader performance issue

I’m using Komga(https://github.com/gotson/komga) a media server/reader for comics to read comics from an encrypted gdrive remote. This remote works great for plex with no performance issues however when viewing cbr files in Komga I run into an issue where I experience a 5-10 second pause between every 3 pages of a comic.

I talked to the Komga developer on discord and he states that Komga preloads pages it’s just rclone that’s causing the pause/delay another person also chimed in saying that plexdrive works significantly better for them, this makes me hope that maybe there is something I can tweak on my end to improve things. Any ideas?

Fios 300/300mbs
rclone v1.52.3
unRaid, rclone plugin
GoogleDrive, gsuite, own api key

create rclone mount
	rclone mount \
	--allow-other \
	--buffer-size 256M \
	--dir-cache-time 720h \
	--drive-chunk-size 512M \
	--log-level INFO \
	--vfs-read-chunk-size 128M \
	--vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off \
	--vfs-cache-mode writes \

I would grab the beta and use vfs-cache-mode full:

This should work better for you.

It's due to be released relatively soon and I've been running it along with others in a very stable way.

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Thanks! That fixed it, it’s perfect now. Thanks again.

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